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Such assignments can only occur in those areas where a water plan water management protocol a regulation permits the seasonal assignment of a water licence. The seasonal water assignment notice is managed under the rules and management arrangements specified in the ROP. For an interim water allocation means the assignment by the holder of the allocation, licence of the benefit under the allocation, of all , notice , for a water year, part of the water that may be taken under the allocation , licence to another person, asonal water assignments only apply within the current water year, notice with the assigned water available only from the date of approval of the application. A seasonal water assignment ( temporary transfer) for a water allocation means the assignment by the holder of a water allocation ( seller) of the benefit under that water allocation to another person ( buyer) for a water year of all part of the water that may be taken under that water allocation.

It is important to note that the water entitlement and the associated benefits remain. Purpose of the form.
With the water entitlement holder, not the assignee. Approvals The water allocation holder must obtain approval for the seasonal water assignment of a water allocation from DERM prior to the water being taken at the new location.

Seasonal water assignment. If approved, a seasonal water assignment will be issued to the assignee for the balance of the current water year. A seasonal water assignment is sometimes referred to as a ‘ temporary transfer’ ; however it is a permanent one- off assignment of water for the balance of a water year. This form is used to enable a landholder to assign the use of water available under a water licence to another landholder for the remainder of the current water year.

This application for seasonal water assignment ( temporary transfer) is made under the standard delivery supply contract between the account holders the Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority trading as Seqwater ( contract) is a seasonal water assignment under the Water Act. The application process: 1.

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How can the answer be asonal water assignment market. There is no limit to the number of assignments of unused water that can be made in any water year. Also any unused part of the assigned water can be reassigned to a third party during the remainder of the water year.
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